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Max Lumens Inc

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If you are an avid outdoors enthusiast, you no doubt have had the “I wish I could see what the heck is going on” moment.  We offer up Striplite and MaxStriplite, the waterproof and dustproof cure to your headaches.  It is the ultimate in hands free “trouble” lighting.  It comes in multiple colors and lengths, and can always be trimmed to fit exactly where needed.  It also is delivered to you with a high quality 3M adhesive backing and 12VDC pigtails.  For use in boats, floors, engine compartments, storage hatches, under hoods, under vehicles, in the Christmas tree, or anywhere else you might need a little low amp light to help brighten the way.  MaxStriplite is the step up option with DOUBLE the LEDs of the conventional striplite.  P.S.  May need additional epoxy or adhesive if mounting on a rough or uneven surface.   Check them out and “See what you’ve been missing!”